Introduction to DSP

A Tait Electronics Ltd training course developed by Ian McLoughlin, Group Research.

This is a 2-day course intended for an intelligent audience of engineers who are relatively new to digital signal processors. In particular it covers the Texas Instruments TMS320C5xx range of processors, their features and usage.  The main Texas Instrument IDE, Code Composer and Real-Time Operating System, DSP/BIOS is also covered.

The material is strutured into three modules.  You can click on the titles to view the pages in 800x600 format, use of netscape is highly recommeded.

Module 1

This is really introductory level material needed for appeciate of DSP technology and real time sotware in general. It is suitable for anybody with an interest in the subject material.

Module 2

This covers more detail on the main themes.  If you are intending to bcome involved in a project using DSP or Real-Time technology then this is good for you.

Module 3

This is in-depth material for people who are going to be heavily involved in development of these systems.