Miscellaneous Research

I've done quite a few very strange things over the years....

Some of the big ones:

Breakdown of my current research (with paper references – note that the best papers are highlighted in blue)

X-Sat and

My role was to be in charge of the software and hardware design, development and building of the main on-board computer (using a radiation hardened ERC32 processor – see above), the parallel processing unit (PPU – the world's first Linux cluster, aka Beowulf system, in space, see layout below), and the on-board mass-storage unit (see bottom). I was heavily involved from the year 2000 until about 2005, but then the government defence organisation staged a coup and took over leadership from the academics who had designed and built the system... so I quickly moved on. However despite the DSO takeover, the satellite was eventually launched several years late in 2011. It still contained all three of my designs!

You can read a little more here, see some photos here or read a document about it here.

Nano-satellite – in my spare time I worked on this with some students and with Prof. Arichandran Kandiah (one of the most versatile and excellent people I have ever worked with), and Stefan Lendnal (talented, good engineer). In the end we didn't launch our design into space (only the stratosphere - see below), but we had a prototype that worked pretty well!

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Stratospheric Testing

Have you ever built a computer system packed with sensors and launched on a hydrogen balloon over India to reach a height of 30km? Well my students and I did! Take a look at the poster below:

  • McLoughlin I, Agarwal Manuj Prakash, Shukla S, Tan SH, Arichandran K, Tan CM, Sawant VS, Manchanda RK, “Use of high-altitude balloon platforms for small satellite testing”, Int. Workshop on Digital Television and Infotainment., Malaysia, May 2008


Seven of us, led by a famous Caltech Professor, applied for funding from the Singapore Government's National Research Foundation(NRF). Amazingly, we won the funding – S$150 million – to cover the first 10 year life of our Research Centre of Excellence, EOS!

My part in the original application was to handle all of the data sensing, communications and processing. When the Centre began in 2009, I handled quite a lot of the initial setting up (computers, networking, initial hiring and interviews)... gradually my role decreased until I left Singapore in 2012... It was actually a huge amount of work over those years, with not many papers to show for it!

Above all, thanks to Associate Professor Tan Su Lim and Associate Professor Steven Wong for sharing the role with me, as well as sharing various trips to places like a volcano in Indonesia and around various research institutes in Japan...

The following posters outline – in turn – our 2009, 2010 and 2011 work:

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Radar (SAR)


Polarimetric SAR

With thanks to Dr Timo Bretschneider, EADS, my long-time collaborator first on X-Sat and then on this NTU-funded project for getting me in to this interesting research area! And of course to (soon-to-be-Dr) Le Thanh Hai.

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